Posted by: 13rob | September 28, 2016

Llanbedr Stats 2016


A great view of the Lleyn Peninsular, from 4M during a wave flight near Snowdon by Clem Allen

The statistics for this year’s expedition were very similar to last year with 262 movements recorded, of those 213 were aero-tows (last year 214). The tugs actually climbed 573,000 feet in the 3 weeks, which works out at 287 normal 2000′ tows. High tows were the norm. The whole expedition logged 455 hours of flying.

There were 5 days when it was possible to fly in wave, the best being the 14th September when the wave set up right over the airfield. First launch was at 0755 and most gliders easily climbed off tow to 8000′ or so. The best height achieved during the trip was 19,100 by Ryan in “TJ”.


Llanbedr airfield from 8000′ by Clem Allen in HCV



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