Posted by: 13rob | September 15, 2016

Sep 14 – Perfect Wave Day

With an ESE wind forecast and clear skies, the likelihood of excellent wave close to Llanbedr from dawn today, almost all the party agreed to a hangar unpack at 7:30. The first tow with LGC going off at 07:55. The wave was almost overhead and all 15 of the early risers were airborne and in the wave by 10am. Remarkable.


Clem in HCV, took this stunning photo of the wave bar behind Snowdon.


This from the cockpit of “Mike Fox”

Here’s one view of the day from Guest Blogger: Graham Nixon

It all started on Tuesday morning as I was taking my first sips of coffee. From right field, stealthily aproaching was Dan Chilcot. Bugger I thought, what have I done wrong now? He ushered me to a quiet corner. We are first off in the Duo tomorrow be at the airfield by 7.30 for an 8 o’ clock launch. Great I thought (but I bet the forecast changes). Robin later, in the briefing, confirmed a forecast a good local wave profile.

Wednesday duly arrived and the weather was as forecast (I must have moved into the parallel world I thought). We launched at 0756 precisely. The views at that time in the morning were spectacular,with mist on the mountains,the sun glistening on the water. Amazing.

We first explored the potential of wave off of the Barmouth ridge a connected with an average two knots. After climbing to 6000 ft, Dan thought it was reaching its end so we moved over the Barmouth estuary to The Cader Idris. Despite the steep intimidating landscape this proved disappointing, only working weakly in small bars from two small bowls behind. We explored the local landscapes around Cader with little success but Word came through from Martin Smith and Phil Warner, in the K 21, advised that Barmouth wave was still working. We moved our way back to that area and from 3500 feet and started to climb. This started a passage of continued wave climb going via Harlech to Snowdon where we topped out at 12,000. The wave was strong here, with 5kts plus. The views across to Anglesey were again amazing.

This was my first UK experience of wave and I learnt lots in this flight. Whenever you get a combination of a young but more experienced person combined with older less experienced you tend to get those moments when the older thinks he knows best. So it proved with some differences of opinion as to which way to turn. To be fair Dan let me try my way most times, and most times his way was correct!

Having landed I then jumped in my own glider and experienced wave solo. A wonderful experience. A big thanks to Roger, my syndicate partner who got my glider ready whilst I was enjoying myself in the Duo. He in turn had a 6 hours plus flight with Mark Burton getting to 12500 and exploring North Wales. An experience he thoroughly enjoyed.

Many people had a wonderful day getting to 12000+, and visiting Snowdon, Anglesey and the Menai Straight. The wily fox who released at 2500, got down to 1600 but still managed to visit Aberystwyth! There maybe some gold height claims too. It was definitely a Grand Day out..



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