Posted by: 13rob | September 10, 2016

Sep 9 – Just too much weather


Wild air falling off the back of Cadair Idris. Guest Blogger: Phil Warner


Today was a day when the potential risk:benefit ratio didn’t favour flying. An oncoming deep depression was forecast to give increasing wind strength and showery rain ahead of the headline act which would give us a wet evening.


So after a scrub at briefing we all did our own things. Three gliders (470, 603, 795) bade us farewell. Some of us went to identify potential landable fields in the Mawddach valley between Barmouth and Dollgellau and on to feel potential wave on the ground; just downwind of Cadair Idris – very gusty but Robin reminded us that although air was tumbling down over the mountain it would be going up somewhere. Then on to Trwafynydd where on the shores of a choppy lake Robin identified a potential landing field and made friends with some bullocks. The day ended by welcoming Andy Samson over dinner at the Victoria Arms.


A novel way of getting LGC back to the hangar, MF towing MF towing LGC


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