Posted by: 13rob | September 8, 2016

Sep 8 – Windy, windy, windy


Barmouth and it’s ridge today from LGC. Guest Blogger: Dave Adams

It looked like a very challenging day for a non pundit like me – surface wind ranging between 18 and 26 knots at ground level, God knows what’s on the Knob and the ridge behind. And it wasn’t properly on the ridge, so likely as not, the ridge would be a bit iffy. I was leaving my ASW20 in the hangar!

So when Robin hinted at a Duo flight, I jumped at it. By that time – about 4 o’clock- there were lenticulars all over the place, one seeming to sit right over the airfield. We launched and released at about 3,300 ft over the Shell Island beach in lovely smooth conditions, but after about 15 or 20 minutes, it became clear that  Robin could not get into the wave, so we headed for the hills,and for the next hour and three quarters, we explored all the nooks and crannies of the ridge all the way down to Barmouth and beyond to the other side of the estuary and back up to Harlech – bits of ridge lift, bits of thermal, other bits of lift that came from I know not where, all at anything between about 2,500 feet down to below the ridge line.
Fantastic flying, wonderful views, magical cloudscapes (above and below) and an unexpected Masterclass – just what I came here for and definitely one of my top ten flights of all time!
Morning briefing

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