Posted by: 13rob | September 8, 2016

Sep 7 – Hot and frustrating


From 13 around 4000′ near Snowdon. Guest Blogger: Phil Warner

Today started with real promise- light south easterly which might be strong enough to give wave at times and the potential for thermal to cloudbase of around 3000 feet maybe more. It was expected the gliders would go discovering reaching Snowdon and may be further.

At Llanbedr local effects meant there was actually a light north westerly on the ground. So the days first event was switch around to enable us to launch into the unexpected north-westerly. A convergence between coastal and inland air offered the first hope of soaring which was explored with varying success. However top cover from the west led to cut off of thermal activity and an Arnheim like return of all the pure gliders; the self-launchers toughed it out and did manage some local exploring – Robin will briefly recount 13’s experiences below. 

Having an engine allowed us to explore the clouds from above, but in spite of a lot of wavy looking clouds and a wind of 16kts or so, we found virtually nothing, so most of the flight was staying up in ratty little thermals.. shame.

Most of the pure gliders took a second launch after the top cover dispersed being towed to a line of cumulus type clouds probably still marking a weak convergence running north from the Barmouth area towards Harlech- some endured for some time although cloudbase of less than 3000 feet and weak conditions made survival hard work.

Although disappointing from a soaring point of view a day of excellent visibility and cloud clear of many of the mountains offered some compensation by way of staggering views of land and seascapes.


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