Posted by: 13rob | September 5, 2016

Sep 4 – Flying Starts


A rather cloudy view of the Barmouth valley from 13. Guest blogger: Ryan Berry

The day started in a rather uninspiring manner, with low cloud and rain. We had rigged all the gliders the day before in the rather spacious hangar, so there was not a lot to do before the morning briefing. We had considered getting the gliders out, but when opening the doors a problem was discovered, which Ryan, Dave A and Colin managed to fix after some persuasion with a hammer! Robin suggested that we wait till after briefing now before we empty the hangar, which was just as well as it started drizzling on our way to the clubhouse.
The forecast was for a nice wind onto the local Barmouth ridge after the low cloud had lifted, but the wind might drop out later in the day. This filled everyone with some optimism for what may be to come later. After some procrastination and tea drinking, we headed down to the hangar to empty it out. Everything came out nicely and we arranged the gliders ready to tow out on the huge apron outside the hangar. Ryan with TJ and Steve with 13 were the first to tow out, with everyone else following on mass after them. There was still some drizzle in the air and the mountains nearby had their heads in the cloud, but we were hopeful that things were improving, especially given the nice blue sky that was tantalisingly close over the Llyn peninsula. Sadly, this nice blue patch was never to arrive and we spent the day with an overcast sky and a variable cloud base with the odd shower here and there. Alan H was launched as the sacrificial lamb in the K21, with Dave (Liam’s dad) as his P2. When it was deemed to be working okay, Ryan flew the Duo with Liam to introduce him to soaring the local ridge before he had a flight later in the day in his ASW15. By then the ridge was not working so a gentle float down was all that was to be had. Nick launched in AB shortly after 13 with Steve and Robin having a look at the local features for Steve’s benefit. Rob in 26E, Lloyd in 328 and another K21 flight with Robin and Colin signalled the end of launching, as the day had delivered all it was going to from a soaring perspective.
Flight of the day was Nick Tillett in AB, who had 2 hours scratching along the Barmouth ridge – mostly at 1500ft below the cloud but having to stay far enough away from the ridge not to have any unplanned encounters with the hard stuff! So with the day done, everyone towed back and we packed the hangar up ready for the next flying day.
Tomorrow does not look very promising at all, with a warm front coming in, followed by another one a couple of hours later! Wednesday looks like it will pick up, Thursday could be a possible wave day … watch this space was the message! We all headed back to the airfield cafe for a Sunday roast and Rhubarb and Raspberry crumble, which was delicious and enjoyed by all! More updates to follow and fingers crossed for an improvement in the weather

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