Posted by: 13rob | November 20, 2015

19 Nov – Late afternoon convergence

A good day was forecast with some clouds in the North East. Michael and I were allocated the Arcus E, an electric motored Arcus. Unfortunately, the radio was having problems so instead of joining the others in a flight to the NE we did our own task to Mariental and Stanspriet.


Mariental and Hardap Dam on the Fish River

We then noticed some clouds a long way to the North. It looked like they were about 150km away close to Kiripotib, so we headed North. We had a good climb under the first and ran Westward towards Reheboth before turning and discovering a convergence which took us at some speed and height towards Gobabis.


Heading along the convergence, with a cloudbase of 18,000+

We flew 180km along it before turning back to Kiripotib and flying home at more than 200kph including the headwind. The arrival at Kiripotib was very windy due to the arrival of cooler air from the NW undercutting and creating a big area of lift. Fascinating flight.


D-KWKU, the electric powered Arcus


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