Posted by: 13rob | September 17, 2015

Sep 16 – North East wind

For the first time on our trip we had a North East wind and strong enough to form wave. The local ridge appeared to be creating a wave and certainly had a drying effect as the local cloud base was over 3000′ but lower to the North and South. It wasn’t very obvious where to find the lift and most people after trying, ended up ridge soaring the nearby hill known as Moelfre, or the “knob” as we have renamed it. You might just be able to see the K21 soaring the far side of it.


You can see the sky as we saw it yesterday looking South with the wave line quite clear.


As the day progressed, it clouded over locally and made soaring difficult but perfectly OK for training and we did several 2 seat flights. The approach to 05, which we were using, required an approach over the sea and dunes, an unusual experience for most Dunstable pilots.


Here you can see the view from the tug on base leg,


and on finals with the glider launch point on the left hand side. Plenty of room on the 46m wide runway.


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