Posted by: 13rob | September 14, 2015

Sep 13 – Ridge, Wave, Thermals and Convergence

The sky was full of high level wave bars in the morning, with a SE wind. So very enticing, however the lower winds were very light so a way through to the higher levels would be difficult. The SE side of the local ridge proved to be soarable and several gliders launched on to it. Mike Fox, who joined us for the day, took a higher tow and went directly to Cadair Idris in search of wave. He proved it was possible but not very exciting. As the day went on thermals formed and provided reasonable lift to 4000′.


Barmouth estuary looking North.

Everyone that launched got a decent flight in a mix of lift. The most notable being the weak wave area near Barmouth that with a bit of patience got people above cloud to 6000′ or so. For a while a convergence set up between Portmadog and Cadair Idris which a few gliders used.


Nicola preparing to fly LGC, CC landing behind

So yet another fascinating day’s gliding from Llanbedr.


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