Posted by: 13rob | September 11, 2015

Sep 10 – Great wave day

Another South Easterly wind day, an unusual wind here, but it does produce a good wave system behind the Cadair Idris and the local ridge. The early tows were quite a handful in rotor near the airfield but did lead a way through to the wave. Most gliders managed the transition in to wave.


Clem, took this great picture to prove he really did get his gold height. He managed a height gain of 10,000′ and reached just over 12,000′ behind the Cadair Idris. Well done Clem.


Brother, Laurence, didn’t miss out either. He flew in the Duo for the first time and with a little bit of help from Robin in the back, climbed up to 7000′ for his first experience in wave. Here heading for Cadair Idris.


Ed flew the Binder back to Dunstable, starting with a wave climb to 11000′, and a few thermals. Not bad for 2 litres of fuel! Getting to the runway was a squeeze between the sign boards and the gorse bushes as you can see.

All in all a great day at Llanbedr.c


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