Posted by: 13rob | September 7, 2015

Sep 6 – Bit grey today but still soarable

Quite a bit of cloud today, with plates of cloud drifting off the Irish Sea and light winds. In the event, the local winds were strong enough to make the local Harlech ridge work. Though the local ridge sat stubbornly under cloud all day.

There were two inviting slots sitting behind Snowdon and over the Barmouth estuary all day. Robin and Clem tried the Southerly one and although the clouds looked like they were moulded by wave gave nothing. Dave and Rob tried the same with the one near Snowdon later in the day and also found nothing. Oh well. The picture, taken by Clem, shows the first attempt at around 4000′


The second picture shows the Portmadog estuary looking South towards Harlech and Llanbedr, taken the previous day. The Harlech ridge shows up well with it’s tree covered side.


We had a pretty busy day with 20 flights, and our new joiners enjoyed the scenery for the first time.



  1. Brilliant scenery chaps. I hope that you get to do some epic mountain soaring by the end of your stay. Hope to see you soon,

    Mike Fox

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