Posted by: 13rob | July 11, 2015

11 JUL 2015 – Last day in the Alps…


Due to the need for the Binder factory to inspect the hail damage to see what they can do about it, we have decided to make this the last flying day of the expedition and drive to Ostheim in Germany on Sunday. The forecast is for blue conditions but cumulus form almost everywhere. We climb up on the lower ridges near Grenoble, where it is weak and sweaty with 35C on the ground.


We pushed into the higher mountains where the cloudbase had risen to over 12,000’. Above is a pass into Italy from the Maurienne valley with a rather inexplicable lake right on the top.


Les Ecrins was almost cloudless but there was a good convergence to the north which we ran along.


The high peaks were standing out nicely.


As we needed to derig, we landed around 4pm, so we could leave early the next morning. A final run down the Vercors (above) and in. So endeth Euro 2015. We’ll post a compendium of the best pictures and videos over the next few days when we’re not dragging the trailer across France, Switzerland and Germany.


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