Posted by: 13rob | July 11, 2015

10 JUL 2015 – Exploring the southern alps…

We had a good flight from Grenoble Le Versoud today, starting in the blue then good cumulus conditions in the mountains down to abeam Vinon. The forecast was for overdevelopment and rain but it never happened and we crossed Les Ecrins several times and nipped in and out of Italy where it was overcast at 5,000’.

We took loads of photos but unfortunately the camera didn’t have a memory card in it, so although it was making all the right noises, it wasn’t recording anything. Quelle annoyance! Here are some more from yesterday. When we get time to edit it, we will post some video.


Mont Blanc.


Mont Blanc, closer.


Mont Blanc glacier.


Looking down towards Chamonix.



  1. Hi guys!! Nice blog…great pics…was a nice day again yesterday for flying…so not much of a problem to return to vinon so we extended our return also ……greets erik & hermann

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