Posted by: 13rob | July 9, 2015

8 JUL 2015 – Unpredictable weather strikes again…


We were hoping to leave Sondrio today before possible over convection and storms later in the afternoon. At 8am a monster cu-nim came across the valley out of the haze dropping hail up to golf ball size. The covers stopped the canopy being damaged and the wings were unscathed but some control surfaces and the tailplane picked up some shallow dents – annoying but cosmetic. One of the airport firemen was hit on the head by a hailstone hard enough to make him bleed and took the picture above. The locals say that nothing like this has happened within living memory; the noise while this was going on was terrific: loud bangs as lumps of ice impacted solid objects.


We cleaned up the glider and booked into a local “agriturismo” for the night and treated ourselves to a nice dinner in the local town, making much vinous sacrifice to the weather gods. Looks much better for an exit tomorrow…


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