Posted by: 13rob | July 7, 2015

7 JUL 2015 – Hot and humid


The visibility was really poor in Valtellina this morning and the soaring forecast not great so we decided to have a day off and go up a mountain instead. Above are some of the inhabitants making a run for it.


There was a moment of consternation when we entered an unlit tunnel and Robin’s photochromic sunglasses took a while to adapt to the darkness, so we were effectively being driven by Stevie Wonder for a while.


The views were great but it was still 29C and humid at 2000m (6600’) so we pushed a bit further up the mountain.


It cooled down a bit at 7,500’ but it was still exceedingly warm with the glacier water looking very inviting…


Here’s a selfie of us having a breather before starting our descent. Aperol Spritzes, beers and brilliant rustic food await us down in Berbenno, served by Oswaldo and his family at the Restaurant Traversi where we are staying.


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