Posted by: 13rob | July 6, 2015

6 JUL 2015 – An unexpected bonus…


After yesterday’s thunderstorms, the air felt a bit turgid but we went flying anyway. Above shows us just before launch on RW27 at Sondrio. It was a bit of a grind out of the valley but improved once above the peaks to reasonable conditions.


We ran the high route into Switzerland but there was a lot of overdevelopment and mid-level cloud cutting off the sun. It was still soarable so we pressed on in the best English tradition and committed to the Sion valley.


After about 50km the skies opened out and we had a good run right out into France, almost to Grenoble. The picture above shows us returning from the west towards Mont Blanc.


There were some incredible views of the massif around Mont Blanc with >13k bases. At the top of the climb, we were on a technical glide to Sondrio c.250km away, apart from the intervening rocks.


We passed the Matterhorn then flipped over to the Italian side for a slow glide out. A top up 50km out to clear the last ridge and we were home after 600km+ in stunning scenery. An excellent day out.


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