Posted by: 13rob | July 5, 2015

5 JUL 2015 – Moving south…


After a good night of schnitzel, beer, wine and schnapps at the Bergpanorama Hotel, we scrutinised the weather prospects and decided a move to Sondrio in Italy on the southern edge of the Alps would be appropriate. We launched around 11am into reasonable blue conditions (above).


We ran SW, with clouds appearing over the higher mountains. Davos in Switzerland produced a good climb to 13k+ out of the town centre which must have been the last residue of hot air after the economic summit. We went as far as Andermatt but it appeared to be overcooking in the mid layers so we turned back and went east as far as we thought was sensible, somewhere east of Bolzano.


It was good on the return with 14k+ bases but the Italian side had overcooked badly. We had Samaden in the bag but I was able to contact Robin, who was taking his turn on the road with the trailer, on my mobile and he confirmed the valley was mostly clear. We routed in from the east and dived off 11,000’ to get in just ahead of a thunderstorm. Phew!


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