Posted by: 13rob | July 4, 2015

4 JUL 2015 – A good day but not without challenges…


We were aware that we couldn’t take off from Agathazell if there was any north in the wind, so launched as early as we dared into a completely blue sky. There was gentle lift over the local hills to around 7,000’, so we set off south into the higher alps. Much sinking ensued and we eventually climbed away from no great height in the middle of the valley. Each climb went 1,000’ higher as we pushed south and beyond the Engadin there was cumulus.


We ran as far as we could west into Switzerland but found it hard work and got stuck for a while in Italy near Ambri. It was then back towards Samaden where cloudbase had gone >15k but overdeveloping with storms becoming more widespread.


We cut north to get away from it and ran into Innsbruck and back.


We’d had enough by 6pm so ran to our new home at Fussen via the Zugspitze.


Passing Neuschwanstein with King Ludwig’s fairy tale castle.


The field at Fussen and the backdrop of the alps. Another 750km+ flight in interesting alpine conditions.


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