Posted by: 13rob | July 3, 2015

JUL 2 2015 – What a difference a day makes…


Small cu were popping off the local hills by 10am and we launched shortly afterwards. Agathazell is a lovely airfield, just about big enough for an EB28 but only sensibly taking off to the south as the gap in the trees at the other end is not really open class.


Straight into 4kts to 8,000’+ which was a welcome change as temperatures in central Europe are in the high thirties and rising.


We made our way down to Samaden, the highest airfield in Europe that takes jets, at 5,600’. We went west into Switzerland where it went blue then East as far as Innsbruck where it broke out into showers.


There was a convergence between the moist air to the south and dry to the north over the Oeztal and Engadin, with cloudbase >15,000’ on the dry side.


We turned over the Bernina massif, looking down towards the Po valley and its associated smog.


Then only a 140km final glide back home through the alps, starting off with this cloudstreet at 14,500’. About 770km in total today with fantastic views. We shared a crate of beer with the rest of the club members.



  1. What a flight Rob!

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