Posted by: 13rob | July 2, 2015

JUL 1 2015 – We take to the air, finally!


After rigging on a tiny bit of tarmac, we launch as wisps of cloud have started appearing over nearby peaks. The PC-24 test pilots have gone to lunch, so the restricted area they use is available. We climb up near Alpnach then start our transit towards Austria.


It looks OK but thermals are weak and a very long way apart, leading to much grovelling and grinding. Some spectacular views make up for it but it was a 30km glide from the ridge in the photo above before we found anything and it was 30mins of thrashing close to the rocks before climbing at all. The temperature at 7,000’ was >20C, so no wonder it was proving difficult.


The site of a previous scrape off the wooded slope to the right. Eventually we made it into Austria where it improved, eventually to 11,000’ cloudbase and decent lift. A glide out and we reached the airfield of Agathazell, where we hope to fly from for the next few days. Just over 300km today, hard fought at times.


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