Posted by: 13rob | July 15, 2014

July 9 – St Rambert to Millau

It looked like we’d have to be South of Lyons to reach any kind of soarable conditions, so we selected St Rambert, a grass airfield, just outside the Lyons TMA. The weather all around was beginning to overdevelop and turn to shower. We launched around 3pm and headed down the Rhone valley.

St Rambert and the river Rhone. The plan was to skirt around the East then South side of the Central Massif to arrive in Millau. The cloud base rose to around 4000′ though thermals weren’t great and we got very wet a couple of times, but things improved as we approached Aubenasson. Then a huge storm blocked our route to Millau and it was killing a vast area of thermals, the only way round was to the North over high ground.


With a bit of good fortune we found a thermal that took us up to the now slightly higher cloudbases, though there wasn’t a lot to spare between ground and cloud even though we had 7000′ on the altimeter. We took a few hundred feet in cloud to help the glide. Then it was a fascinating glide across the SW corner of the Central Massif, large flat farmed areas dissected by amazing deep gorges.

At the end of one of those massive gorges was Millau and the famous Millau bridge. There was no one present on the large tarmac airfield so we taxiied in and parked up behind the Control Tower. The wind was quite strong at around 20 kts. We had 13 picketed down and it wasn’t long before Dan arrived with the trailer. Overnight in Le Caylar – very pleasant.


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