Posted by: 13rob | July 15, 2014

July 11 – Pirineus to Soria

Quite a challenging flight in prospect. Initially along the lower parts of the Pyrenees, then across the Huesca plain towards Zaragosa. Here we have to cross the Ebro valley then into the hills to the West to Reach Soria.


Take-off from Pirineus was easy enough with no wind, and it felt like we were taking off from an aircraft carrier.


There was not much cloud along the Pyrenees and we were soon testing the blue. Thermal heights were slowly reducing but at least with lowering ground. We soon went past Huesca, generally 2000′-3000′ above ground.


As we closed in on the Ebro valley, the Northerly winds increased significantly, reaching 30 knots at one point and thermals became ratty. We got down to 1500′ agl and after several attempts climbed up a bit but couldn’t make headway against the wind. So we had no choice but to start up and cruise across the Ebro.


There was cu across the river where we had one decent climb that got us onto the hills beyond. Unfortunately, damp air was infiltrating from the North and killing the thermals, so another engine run was required to get us in range of Soria where we landed.



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