Posted by: 13rob | July 15, 2014

July 10 – Millau to Pirineus (Andorra International)

The bad weather was spreading into SW France and we needed to escape from Millau fairly quickly before thick cloud and rain enveloped the place. The wind was very strong, probably 30kts on the ground and 45kts aloft, but some spectacular wave bars on show. The question was, could we contact and cross the Carcasonne Gap at high level. Low level would probably not be possible.

Our attempts at climbing in wave were unsuccessful and we needed a quick climb or be washed out by the oncoming cloud. We decided to start up and cruise to a clearer area of sky to our West, when almost straight away we stumbled into 5-6kts of wave and gratefully climbed to 13,000′.

This area is a minefield of airspace but we managed to negotiate free passage but no higher than 14,000′, which was fine.

The Spanish side of the Pyrenees was almost cloud free and we were able to enjoy a pleasant run across Andorra and some 50kms West, using an interesting mix of wave and thermal.

Dan arrived first at Seu D’Urgell, also known as Pirineus and Andorra International, a superb piece of engineering to create an airfield with all the bells and whistles right on the top of small mountain. Unfortunately the wind was a strong gusting North Westerly at right angles to the runway and with much curlover. Probably the worst conditions I’ve operated 13 in, but it (and I) hung in there and we made a safe landing.

Imatge aèria de l'aeroportMy pictures of Pirineus didn’t come out but this gives you a view



  1. Good to see that the challenging unpredicatability of a Euro trip is being maintained! Keep the snaps coming.
    Rog el Dodge

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