Posted by: 13rob | April 4, 2014

Apr 4 – Strange Mountain Day

The low pressure that caused all the rain was moving East into the Mediterranean and was leaving us in a clearing valley. The wind was forecast as strongest on the ground and up to 1500′, and then falling light above. We didn’t believe that of course. However, the valley produced a variety of strange clouds, that might be considered rotor or wave. None of the locals knew what was going on either, so Robin and Andy S were dispatched in the Duo to see what was going on. A “handful” of an aero-tow led them to what seemed like a strong climb, so they released only to find the varios were stuck at 10 knots. The rains of the previous day had got into the plumbing!

An attempted fix followed by a flight with Robin and Peter D, produced a challenging flight up the side of the Alp, unfortunately without the help of a vario!! We’ll try and fix it in the morning.

Mark flew in 4M and had an interesting flight around the valley which finally resulted in a wave climb from 10 to 15,000′ over the solar collector.

We also managed a few flights in JWD for the new arrivals. Peter B, Helen, Denis, Paul B and Phil assisted by Martin and Andy S all sampled what a windy Cerdanya is  like. Chula and Denis both flew for a few hours each in their own gliders.


First one off into the mix. View is looking NE into the wind, the mountain is shrouded by cloud from the other side but clear on this side thanks to the fohn effect.


Helen and Martin getting ready to rumble.


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