Posted by: 13rob | April 2, 2014

Apr 2 – Mammatus

Our hoped for wave day did not materialise. There was so much cloud and moisture being thrown at us from the nearby fronts, and the picture shows an extreme example of this, that any wave that might have been was overwhelmed. The cloud just got thicker and eventually it rained.

JWD did about 3km today, started by towing to 25, with a light westerly. On arrival the wind swung easterly and so was duly towed to 07. Shortly after arriving there, the wind decided to return westerly and JWD did another length of the Cerdanya runway, until the day was finally scrubbed and it was returned to it’s parking spot!


The sky shows the heavily moisture laden clouds (mammatus) approaching us from the south and JWD taking a break between ends!



  1. Where have I seen something like that before…?

    Cerdanya, 2000:

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