Posted by: 13rob | March 27, 2014

Mar 27 – Fantastic Day in the Pyrenees

We had expected a good day and it didn’t disappoint. Not much wind and a high cloud base. Congrats to Roger Rhodes on gaining his silver height, I’m guessing he got it, since he went off with 3 loggers!

With Mark out of the way in Barcelona celebrating his wedding anniversary, Robin flew with Sergi, the Cerdanya CFI, and had a brilliant flight along the Pyrenees almost to Jaca and back. I now know the name of every nook and cranny along the Pyrenees. The return flight followed the “high road” along the highest peaks – stunning. The pictures today show 4M approaching Pico de Aneto (11,169′ the highest point in the Pyrenees) from the West, the other, Sergi enjoying the delights of Mark’s Arcus.


Mar27SergiBlog Sergi



  1. Lovely day with Sally but still very jealous.

  2. Wow, what great views! Better than rainy britain any day 🙂

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