Posted by: 13rob | June 1, 2013

Ontur Summary

Overall a very successful expedition with flying on all but one day. The first two weeks and the last week were all pretty good, the third week was duff for a few days. During the period there were 10 convergences, some well formed and with bases up to 11,000′ and a few lasting just 45 minutes or so. Around 30 club members were involved over the 4 weeks. CB worked hard, completing 172 tows during the period. LGC gliders completed 370 hours flying and several thousand kilometres.

Special thanks to Steve Nicholl for his help in dealing with all the bookings, Joe Rise, Phil Warner, Trevor Mills and Dave Bennett for their help with towing. Mark Burton and Andy May for their cross country instruction and Phil Warner for manning the K21  and overseeing the K23 flying. Phil also did a huge amount of background work to help it all happen. We must also thank Dietrich for facilitating the use of Ontur airfield and and it’s facilities, not to mention all those Spanish discussions he did on our behalf.



  1. Hello Robin, you and your friends have found a nice spot in Spain for early springtime soaring. All the effort well spent. Thanks for the nice reports. Greetings from the dessert. Michael

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