Posted by: 13rob | May 30, 2013

May 29th – Spain to France

It dawned clear in NE Spain, so an early start was made in order to cross the Pyrenees before the cloud overdeveloped. A dogleg was chosen to cross the mountains at their Eastern end where they are a lot lower. In the event the mountains were clear enough to cross at 10,000′ just East of Cerdanya effectively cutting the dogleg out. With quite a bit of cloud on the French side and quite a bit of airspace we slowly descended to 3000′ to keep under cloud and route around Toulouse. We then flew progressively into a lowering cloud base and developing showers. We just made our chosen destination, Cahors, before the heaven’s opened. This trough line of heavy rain covered the airfield for some time. We waited 4 hours and eventually cloud base rose enough and the showers were now at least avoidable so we set off on a weaving route Northwards eventually landing at Niort.

ImageCharlie Bravo passing over some of the higher mountains of the Pyrenees. A huge amount of snow still on the mountains for the time of year

ImageOn the second leg to Niort passing East of Bergerac, which was under the heavy rain.


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