Posted by: 13rob | May 27, 2013

May 26th – Last Day in Ontur

The group has been slowly thinning out, so for the last day we had just HBB, HCV and the local K13. It all looked a bit washed as you can see on the picture. In fact it was pretty good with 5kt climbs around and a 5500′ base, though that’s not so high when you start at 2100′

CB packed up and left for it’s journey home. First stop was Muchamiel near Alicante. Jeremy came along as co-pilot and departed for home later that evening from Alicante. Check in at Ontur was a bit sloppy and we ended up with an extra rucksack! A young guy who’d come up for a flight in the K13, carefully put his bag down with all the others, I thought it was Jeremy’s, Jeremy thought it was mine, so the poor lad must have gone hungry as there was a huge lunch in there. We’ll send it back to him from Alicante. A small price to pay for a good 2 hour flight in a K13 I’d say.


The last day for us at Ontur. Sky looked a bit weak but was actually quite good.

ImageCB parked up at Muchamiel near Alicante along with Jeremy and quite a bit of luggage


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