Posted by: 13rob | May 25, 2013

May 24th – Classic Ontur again

Today’s forecast wasn’t good, with a waving front over us at mid-day and early CBs and showers for mid-afternoon. So an early launch, short flight before the rain, but in the event we had a brilliant day. The sky was going well early, so an early launch for all. There were no signs of the front apart from very good convection, the predicted cloud base of 7500′, was actually 10,000′ with thermals to match. Then to cap it all a classic convergence formed up over Ontur and made flying to past 8pm possible.

Alex and Andy flew the Duo, Steve in HBB, Barry in the DG and John in the 19, all did much more than they expected and had really good flights. Viv did another 2 hour flight in EVY before it was derigged for the journey home. 

Phil, Lynn and Paul left us today for the trip home with EPD and EVY. 

ImageThe last 2 on the grid, John in HCV with Jeremy, Steve, Lynn, Paul and Barry.

ImageAnother great convergence which formed around 5pm and lasted more than 2 hours on a SE/NW axis.

ImagePete joined the last 2 weeks of the expedition with his DG800, he also entertained us most days with his para motor flights – a great way to explore the local area





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