Posted by: 13rob | May 12, 2013

May 11th – Classic Ontur

An uncertain forecast of potential showers and an early finish, actually turned out to be a stunning day of convergences. The first formed over Ontur around 1300, which we launched in to, this gave an 8k cloud base and a swift run to the mountains to our West. Andy Brown stuck with our original task, which he got round and then headed NW to the plains around Albacete. The Duo with Dan and Robin, decided to make the most of the, now, 11k cloud base and headed further in to the mountains before heading in to a great sky NW of Albacete. For the Duo an 85k final glide to Ontur required no turning and on reaching Ontur were greeted by the 2nd major convergence of the day which ran for more then 100k East/West.

Mark flew HBB on a similar route and the x/c gliders all turned in over 400k.

Trevor and Tom had EPD to themselves and each flew an approach in to Ontur and had an hour or so in the convergence.

Emily and Steve C left us today after some fantastic gliding.

ImageDan in the Duo making the most of one the convergence lines

ImageThe North side of the convergence just East of Ontur, 10k plus on the dry side, 7k or less on the wet side

ImageHow the evening convergence looked from the South side, note the pileus cloud on top of one of towering convergence cu



  1. I am very envious, having just left after a week. I hope everyone has a brilliant trip with convergence lines every day!

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