Posted by: 13rob | May 11, 2013

May 10th – Mixed day then great convergence

Although there was cu early it wasn’t too easy. Then late afternoon a strong convergence formed up as we expected though at a slightly different orientation. AB and LGC went to Molina Dam as their first TP, sitting dramatically in the Jucar gorge. Ed Bittenbender and Mark checked out another of the local airfields, this time Almansa. Steve Coles had a long flight in HBB without going too far from Ontur

Trevor and Tom joined the party, arriving around midnight

ImageAndy Brown took this picture of the Molina Dam

ImageThe amazing convergence that set up right over the airfield. This is what Ontur is famous for

ImageUnfortunately it wasn’t quite within reach of Mark and Ed in the Duo and they landed out at Almansa, a small microlight strip about 50k from Ontur

ImageIt was Emily’s last day today, she rounded off her flying with a trip to Almansa and back with Robin


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