Posted by: 13rob | May 7, 2013

May 7th – Much cirrus

Today saw a warm front skirting the Northern part of Spain, and down South we had random amounts of cirrus. This ultimately decided our day. The soaring was good in full sun and pretty rubbish under cover. Robin had his day in the ASG29, nice though the glider was, the conditions weren’t great, and he compiled a 250k flight.

The big event was a delivery of Avgas, which was promised a week ago, then yesterday, and just as we were planning a flight to Requena to refuel, the Repsol lorry arrived. So we now have enough fuel for the rest of our trip.

Andy Brown and Mark Burton joined the team today.


Emily assisting the launch of SI, and delivering orders at the same time


Robin after his flight in ASG29 “AB”.





  1. Anticipating an O/R to Calamocha, Rob!

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