Posted by: 13rob | April 27, 2013

Apr 27th – Ontur at last

We left La Rochelle very early expecting to get direct to Ocana. The first part along the Atlantic coast went well in clear skies at 8000′ but then we ran into showers and by the time we were at Biarritz, we were down to 1500′ in rain skirting a rocky coastline. We had by now decided we would have to land at Biarritz or San Sebastion. We just squeaked in to San Sebastion, so at least we were in Spain.

Around 1pm the skies opened a little and we gave it a go, and at FL125 we just escaped the showery north side of Spain. Once downwind of the mountains it dried out a bit and it was no real problem to reach Ocana, apart from avoiding military areas that were clearly not in use! that is.

By late afternoon the route to Ontur had just opened up and we had a pleasant run in, landing around 1730. So CB is in the hangar and the following convoy made their stopover without problems.

Gliding starts soon.


The clouds over Northern Spain


Sky Demon’s view of Albacete airport


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