Posted by: 13rob | January 10, 2013

Jan 10th – Stats for the trip

330 hours and 41,240 kms, that’s 500 km more than the circumference of the earth at the equator. It’s also 13.75 days in the air. We achieved that with 51 separate flights.

There were 18 flights greater than 1000kms, of which 4 were over 1100kms, 1 over 1200km and 1 over 1300km.

No wonder I feel knackered!

I’m also guessing there were thousands of photos taken from 13, the rear clear vision panels have never been opened and closed so many times.


The next major blog will be for the LGC expedition to Ontur in May.. until then



  1. Dear Robin !

    was a pleasure to fly with you guys !
    Great blog, fantastic images.

    Philipp (PK)

  2. Dear Robin,

    back home again – it was really nice to have some days with You! We enjoyed it!

    Wolfgang & Frank (Opa) DG500-“Dschunke-Team”

  3. Excellent blog – many thanks indeed! Inspiring stuff.

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