Posted by: 13rob | January 9, 2013

Jan 9th – Derig and chips

Any heavy work is done at sunrise, around 6am in Namibia. So 13’s derig required an early rise, but all was done in an hour with just packing after that. We departed after lunch for Windhoek under another stunning sky. This time the mission was a change of scene and a restaurant meal.. with chips, something I haven’t had since October!!

This is Rog speaking now….I’m sure I speak for all the P2’s who have occupied the back seat of 13 in saying a massive thank-you to Robin for all his organisational and flying skills that have enabled us to share  the the fantastic gliding experience that is Namibia..should you ever get the chance to experience it..grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it

ImageSun just up and one wing off already

ImageGreat evening in the Stellenbosch in Kleine Windhoek.. note the bucket of chips

For those expecting the “Stats”, they’ll be on tomorrow



  1. Yes, a superb, unforgettable experience. Many thanks again, Robin. You accepted the risks in organizing this expedition & we all reaped the rewards. Here, here– a toast to our leader!
    Al & Ginny

  2. I would also like to echo Roger’s sentiments. I really enjoyed the privilege of sharing Robin’s flights during my visit in November. A wonderful experience – I had a fantastic time.

    John Bridge

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