Posted by: 13rob | January 6, 2013

Jan 6th – Not quite the best day of the season

The briefing this morning was full of great promise including “probably the best day of the season”, needless to say it was OK but not terrific. In fact we had a very good area but it was rather too small for the likes of high performance gliders. The initial route took us to the NE, we found good conditions when we reached the cu 60km down track (13,000′ cloud base) as we proceeded further the cloud base dropped until we could stand it no more and did a U turn. Back to Kiripotib, then a nice route to the SE, this took us to the Botswana border, beyond which, few cu and those with rather low bases. Back to Kiripotib once more and a delightful 70km of running which we did twice. So having run out of further ideas we landed early to taste the beer. (which I’d been deprived of for the last two days of course)

0601ThermallingAwayblogInteresting picture as we thermalled away with a few gliders still to take off.

0601NossobblogNot much in the way of landmarks East of Kiripotib, but there is the Nossob river. It flows properly once every hundred years we’re told, but it’s damp underneath hence all the trees


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