Posted by: 13rob | January 2, 2013

Jan 1st – 1000k start to 2013

Sorry for the belated post but the internet was down all of yesterday. The day itself was quite similar to Dec 31st. but the showers a bit more widespread. We did get some fast runs mainly running the shelf in front of thunderstorms and were lucky at the end to find a route through the middle which gave us the kilometres and allowing an early finish. Just as well because half hour after landing the worst storm we’ve had since I’ve been here erupted overhead with some spectacular thunder and lightning. The wind also swung from a benign Easterly that we had for landing to a 30kt gusting Westerly. One glider had to make an approach in these conditions and Roger captured it perfectly just before touchdown. For the flight itself we did 1023km at 147kph. (Any slower we would not have done the distance or ended up landing in the thunderstorm!) 


This has how one the shelf clouds looked close to Helmeringhausen, a serious thunderstorm just to our left.

0113Rain and SunbeamsblogThe sky shot show an interesting mix of sun beams and rain shafts in the evening light just before landing.



  1. Bet Rog can’t stop grinning after those first 2 flights! Happy new year to both of you

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