Posted by: 13rob | December 29, 2012

Dec 29th – Great flight

There was a possibility of flying a convergence along the escarpment, which is always exciting and stunning with scenery. So we contrived a flight to make the most of it. It involved flying West of Windhoek and crossing an airway, with my best R/T we achieved all this and ended up with a flight over 1100km over some amazing scenery. Also a cloud base of 18,000′ made it all the more interesting. Ed’s last flight here and a great one. He’s had 10 flights and averaged over 1000km for each of them – not bad. The pictures show some of the amazing rock formations along twhe escarpment.

PS: The glider that landed on the road came from Bitterwasser and had left early that day and flown into this area which at the time had no convection, when we passed it was only weakly soarable, after repositioning on the road he took off again and continued his flight.




How the convergence looked near the Gamsberg



  1. Lovely. But I think we did better photos of those Naukluft mountains before. Anyway excellent finish Ed, well done, sooper fast 1100k. Sometime I’d also like to fly a proper convergence. Safe home Ed.

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