Posted by: 13rob | December 28, 2012

Dec 28th – No flight today

Ed had a stomach upset and the forecast wasn’t brilliant so it seemed sensible to have the day off. Boy is it hot during the day, 38C again today, it really is quite pleasant in the glider, once we’ve climbed away after the launch that is. A great way to escape from the heat of the day. Today a lot of the heat went into an enormous thunderstorm in the Gobabis area. Today’s picture shows this just before sunset.





  1. Good shot! Rog is packing just now. I hope Ed’s had fun. Very very wet here and miserable, I can’t even dig out the Yellow Peril 😦

  2. This blog is worth following if only for the stunning photos – let alone the mind-bending XCs you’re managing to pull off! Thanks for sharing it all, it’s well worth following.

    Just one question – did you ever find out the story of the open class glider you saw being towed down the gravel road a few days ago?

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