Posted by: 13rob | December 27, 2012

Dec 27th – Botswana was good – we just had to get there

Most of the gliding area was blue today, in spite of the record temperatures (38.5 at Kiripotib). After 2 hours grinding in very high cockpit temperatures and not above 3500’agl, we finally reached cu in the NorthEast. Then some good climbs and a nice cool cloud base of 13,000′. No real problems after that apart from a limited area to fly in. Clocked just over 900k even so.

A view from the cockpit as we approached a massive thunderstorm over Botswana.

I spotted what I thought was a glider being towed on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. I had to take this picture and zoom in to double check. We think it was from Bitterwasser and landed there the previous evening having been trapped on the wrong side of the line of thunderstorms, which was the picture from last nights blog. Interesting..



  1. Epic retrieve yarn there, I think.
    He’ll owe a few beers for that one.

  2. Dear Robin

    Would you please mail me the original picture of that out landing?
    Regards Luc

    • Hi Luc
      Didn’t know who you were, but I gather you are the copilot? If so I will trade you the picture for your version of what actually happened.

      • Dear Rob,

        No problem, please mail me your email-adres and I’ll write to you.

        Regards Luc

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