Posted by: 13rob | December 20, 2012

Dec 20th – Showers call a halt to play.. again

For the third day in a row we were faced with a similar forecast, the only difference was that the Escarpment convergence should work today and the eastern side was to go to shower with low cloud base. We planned accordingly and went the full length of the gliding area from North to South looking vainly for the elusive convergence – it didn’t happen. There were good climbs and cloud base around 15,000′ so it was still a good run. Then turning northbound the sky filled with showers, which we managed to negotiate only to hear that the Kiripotib had thunderstorms and showers all around. Squeaked another 1000k.. just.


Looking into the Namib desert at our Southern turning point, a place called Bethanien

One of the full blown cunims we had to negotiate heading North

The sky at Kiripotib shortly before landing



  1. You boys must be so thousand k’d out! Day after day ! At least in my case I had a gradual build up to my eventual 1000k climax. Well done & keep on with such lovely images too.

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