Posted by: 13rob | December 16, 2012

Dec 16th – 1000 number 9

Today was Ed’s first day and conditions were pretty good. Cloud base soon reached 13,000′ and the escarpment produced a little of it’s magic. We flew a total of 1168kms by using the good runs along the escarpment a couple of times. On the second trip southbound we encountered a couple of large showers and today’s picture shows the first of these. The Namib desert is visible to the right.





  1. Well done boys, a great start. I’ve just reached Frankfurt, so have a few minutes to catch up, and post a big THANK YOU to Robin. It was an excellent week, a real learning experience for me to fly our lovely glider in conditions I’ve never seen before. It’s astonishing that there’s always so much more, a great sport. Thanks Rob, you & Ed have a great time, and show what can really be done!!

  2. Still watching what you are getting up to – Tony Maitland

  3. ps cliche photos not allowed!

  4. A Tafel for Ed !

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