Posted by: 13rob | December 13, 2012

Dec 13th – Tough start, great finish

Yesterday Namibia, unusually, found itself in the centre of a low pressure which produced some heavy showers. We still managed a great flight as you have read, but it flooded the pan at Pokweni and made the pan at Bitterwasser very sticky. No such problems at Kiripotib but the morning cu were extremely low (around 3000’agl) and that is very low for Namibia. We tiptoed Southbound over some inhospitable terrain. It took 3 hours before normal service was resumed with cloud base rising to 12,000′ and soon after 16,000′. Steve did 750km in this which was quite respectable. Whilst we were low I have a great picture of the dunes just East of Bitterwasser, then another after the day developed now from 15,000′. The sky didn’t last and spreadout, and the final picture shows the sky towards Windhoek after landing.







  1. The final picture shows Robin having a beer, brought out to us with cold perfumed towels, as soon as we taxi’d in to our parking space

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