Posted by: 13rob | December 12, 2012

Dec 12th – Steve gets to the desert

Steve writes (Rob edits) “We took off into a sky that would have suited the UK, struggling initially up to 3000′ above inhospitable terrain. After a while of getting no higher, my comment to Rob was ‘this is not good’, and then I got a climb. Conditions improved slowly as we flew with Bandar and John to the West, and joined a convergence which provided a fantastic run for me, a new experience guided by Rob, over terrain which became increasingly fantastic. Brilliant mountains below and the Namib desert to the west, I was just gobsmacked! I took a few snaps while Rob took us down and back around our southernmost TP near Sossusvlei. Coming back the showers became more of an issue, and once again, my personal training captain guided me through walls of cloud onto a flat 200k final glide back to Kiripotib, which was thankfully clear of rain. He tells me we had a glide angle of 1:86. It looked like it! Not the big number yet, but brilliant entertainment!”
The convergence as seen from cloud base, over Nauchas
Great view of the escarpment with Namib beyond



  1. Le grand fromage!

    • Amazing place, isn’t it, Steve?

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