Posted by: 13rob | December 6, 2012

Dec 5th, Stunning energy line provides another 1000km

A big triangle into Botswana and the South was planned. Although conditions were good going to Botswana, they soon weakened and cloud base dropped in Botswana. We abandoned the set task and flew SWestwards, this was a good line and after a while the clouds parallel and to our NW started showering. Trevor took a climb before the shower line and I took it through a gap in the showers, this worked well allowing us to climb to 16500′ from 13000′ in a straight line until we reached the sunny West side. Here was an incredible shelf of cloud about 5km wide giving lift from Windhoek for at least 200km to the South. The picture shows how this shelf looked.

Some stats for the day; Best climb 7,700′ at 8.2 kts, best glide 429km at 195kph, taking 2 hours and 13 minutes, from Trevor’s thermal until we landed in fact. A remarkable flight and another 1000km flight.




  1. Another stunner of a photo. Looking forward to being out with you at the weekend!

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