Posted by: 13rob | November 27, 2012

Nov 27th – The Namib Desert

Having said how rare it is to fly over the Namib Desert. The weather today was a repeat of yesterday, totally blue over the gliding area but with fabulous cu over the Namib Desert (that’s the bit between the sea and the Namibian plateau) and we had a second flight over it. It was stunning and I’ve decided to give you several pictures that illustrate the stunning landscape.

Sossusvlei, looking south

Dunes at Sossusvlei

The famous dunes at Sossusvlei

Namib heading South

Kuiseb Canyon near Solitaire.

There were several 1000 kms done today, but with this scenery, the OLC can wait for another day!



  1. WOW That’s’ the flight I’m coming back for!
    (there’s a bakery with scrumptious apple pie in Solitaire, would you believe? Anywhere there to land?)

  2. These are just BRILLIANT, fantastic photos Robin.

  3. Stunning photos! Looking forward to booking the presentation @ LGC

  4. Amazing photos, Robin. The dunes and Taauchab river look so different from the air and those dunes just deep going forever.

  5. Stunning photos Robin – I particularly love the one looking down the wing at the dunes. Incredible. Keep us drooling please…

  6. Stunning stuff Rob, roll on January!

  7. Incredible images from some incredible flights – talk about widening horizons!

  8. What scenery! Keep the blog going, such an interesting place to fly.Really looking forward the Lasham team expedition starting flying on New Years Eve in Bitterwasser. It will be a great change to sub-zero we have outside this evening.

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