Posted by: 13rob | November 26, 2012

Nov 26th – In to the Namib Desert

The only cu in the Namibian gliding area today was right up in the NW corner, near the Gamsberg. Beyond there was cu to die for, 18,000′ base stretching out over the Namib Desert to the NW. The problem is that outside the gliding area you are restricted to 14,500′. We followed a cloud street over the Namib Desert towards the coast and only turned back as the Walvis Bay TMA became an obstacle. The ensuing glide keeping below 14,500′ in stonking conditions took us 233km without circling and at 190kph. No one here can remember being able to fly in this area before – extraordinary. The picture shows that cloud street heading towards the coast.






  1. Lovely sky Rob

  2. There be dragons beyond the 16 degree line!
    No convergence lines yet?

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