Posted by: 13rob | November 14, 2012

Nov 14th – Best day so far and just missed 1000k

We did actually fly well over 1000k today, but not within the rules of the OLC that measures such things. The good area was about 100k wide ahead of an unforecast shower line orientated NW/SE. Our flight took us behind the developing shower line and gave us the added problem of crossing through it. On the East side base was 13000′ – not bad, but on the West side it was over 18000′ with some excellent long runs. We stopped briefly on one of these runs to climb at 16.2kts for a thousand feet. The best rate we’ve seen so far.

The picture was taken around 5pm, with a good view of the dunes and clouds. Bitterwasser is on the right edge of the picture.



  1. Nice flight, lovely pin

  2. that was lovely picture Rob (not pin!)

  3. Was it really only for 1000ft? Sounds like one turn to me – still, I’ve decided to stop reading before my jealousy turns me green! or was than envy 😉

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