Posted by: 13rob | November 8, 2012

Nov 8th – Into Botswana once more

It was blue in the Kiripotib area, but the forecast suggested good conditions in Botswana and the NE corner of the Namibian gliding area. After an hour of creeping through the blue we reached cumulus and climbs were now going to 15,000′ with 7 kts or so. The further we went NE the stronger conditions got especially after crossing into Botswana with cloud base here nearly 19,000′ and strong climbs to match.

No problems apart from not getting the last rapid climb onto final glide, the chosen cloud collapsed as we reached it and so did several others as Namibia began to switch off with us still needing another 2000′ to get back. We got there but it probably cost us 20 minutes and a little unwanted stress.


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